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The leading experts in managing attention and improving communication at work

About FocusWise

We help reduce distraction and improve communication at work

That sounds simpler than it is.

We’ve studied how the digital age has completely eliminated the boundaries and friction for communication. When used properly, this is an incredibly powerful advantage. But when communication technology is mismanaged, our biggest ally becomes our strongest enemy.

Our research is clear: nowhere is this issue more critical than in the modern workplace. Professionals in every industry face an unprecedented number of distractions from the very tools that have advanced their careers. Each year, technology improves portability, spreads data connections farther and faster, and o ers up a slew of new apps, devices, and work ows — all at the expense of our ever-decreasing ability to focus on what’s most important.

FocusWise is here to make sense of this mess. This means sharing research, codifying best practices, consulting with leadership, educating teams, and providing resources.

Most importantly, it means cultivating a community of accountability — where professionals help each other commit to pursuing better focus for bigger success. To succeed, individuals must learn to manage distractions, while organizational leadership must create intentional agreements about communication best practices.

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Meet our founder

About Curt Steinhorst

On a mission to help today’s workforce win the battle against digital distractions

He’s spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior, and he now equips professionals across the world to work smarter and stronger in this constantly-connected age. As a leading voice on strategic communications in the age of distraction and a certified speaker at the Center for Generational Kinetics, Curt speaks on average more than 90 times a year.

Curt has spoken to prestigious audiences across the globe that include JP Morgan, Nationwide, McDonalds, Honda, United States Naval Academy, and even Taylor Swift’s record label.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and founder of FocusWise, Curt sees how lack of focus impacts today’s workplace and its leaders. Curt’s fascination with distraction is not simply professional. Diagnosed with ADD as a child, he’s worked tirelessly to overcome the unique distractions that today’s technology creates. And as a father, Curt understands how profoundly digital connectivity is transforming people of every age.

He is currently working on his first book.

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