Focus Breaks

Focuswise CEO, Curt Steinhorst, helps leaders harness the power of human attention.

He works with innovative leaders around the globe, using the Focuswise approach to teach, train, and provide tools that enable individuals and organizations to eliminate costly distractions and create cultures of focus — achieving greater productivity, engagement, innovation, and joy.

Curt shares his insights through weekly Focus Breaks and you’re invited to follow along.

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02|20|20  Knowing what matters most


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Focus Breaks  |  2019


12|28|19  The biggest lesson of 2019

12|16|19  The enemy of speed

12|12|19  How high achievers misapply their efforts

11|26|19  Thanksgiving is too narrow

11|19|19  No agenda, no agenda

11|13|19  The challenge of meetings

11|05|19  I don’t have an answer

10|29|19  Bonus! Focus on fitness

10|28|19  Get it out of your head

10|14|19  Is focus painful?

10|07|19  Avoiding the work we love

09|25|19  The secret to less stress

09|17|19  Permission to focus

09|10|19  Disappointment & expectations

09|03|19  When your boss doesn’t care

08|28|19  When the boss is the distraction

08|21|19  Productivity is not personal

08|12|19  Get their attention: Roger Staubach

08|07|19  Get their attention: The slides epidemic

07|29|19  Get their attention: Dog, cat, cow

07|22|19  Get their attention: Numbers game

07|15|19  Get their attention: You care, I care

07|08|19  Get their attention: Chris Farley

07|01|19  Fewer, bigger, better

06|24|19  Goals are distracting

06|17|19  Fix the inbox: It’s all unrelated

06|11|19  Fix the inbox: A bit more unresponsive

06|04|19  Fix the inbox: Not yours

05|28|19  Fix the inbox: Allies

05|20|19  How to shift attention gears

05|14|19  The distraction of efficiency

05|07|19  Meetings & attention (2 of 2): Respect your bladder

04|29|19  Meetings & attention (1 of 2)

04|23|19  Here, now: What matters?

04|15|19  Make more attention allies

04|09|19  Move your (focus) vitamins

04|02|29  Tetris and spaces that matter

03|25|19  You. Are. Not. Infinite. (3 of 3)

03|12|19  Be intentionally inefficient (2 of 3)

03|11|19  You are not infinite (1 of 3)

03|04|19  Want to be smarter? Read less.

02|25|19  How do we stop doing it for money?

02|18|19  Responsive vs. responsible

02|14|19  Are we better informed?

02|06|19  Machines make you lazy

01|24|19  The wrong model for the ideal worker

01|14|19  Attention by association (3 of 3)

01|09|19  Attention by association (2 of 3)

01|03|19  Attention by association (1 of 3)

Focus Breaks  |  2018


12|26|18  What is this year?

12|20|18  Leisure time vs. rest

12|11|18  Let’s talk about laziness

12|06|18  How many screens?

11|28|18  My new daughter, Ruby

11|21|18  Giving thanks changes everything

11|14|18  This is fun

11|07|18  Distraction isn’t a phone

11|07|18  Focus is a bad goal