finding focus in uncertain times

In the span of days, the global pandemic has radically changed life and work in ways that previously evolved gradually over decades. With unprecedented numbers of people working from home — either alone or alongside children, spouses or roommates — it has never been more important to reduce distractions and focus our attention on what matters most for our success at work and at home. We are here to help you and your teams meet these challenges.
how we help virtually

focuswise is for you

Distractions are keeping you from your best work, and constant connectivity means the distractions can follow you anywhere. We’re here to help.

focuswise is for teams


Are your team’s communication patterns optimized for getting the important work done? Or has your team learned to value responsiveness over responsibility?

We create customized training tools and workshops to help teams and organizations achieve the next level of productivity — to keep the focus where it belongs.

focuswise for brands

You don’t struggle with what to say to your customers. You have plenty of things to say! If you’re anything like most businesses, the struggle is how to communicate with them.

We have to learn how to listen through the noise. The best thing you can do for your customer is bring focus to your brand. We can help.

about our founder

Curt travels the globe researching and speaking about how to best manage our collective attention in the Age of Distraction. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes on Leadership Strategy.

He started focuswise to help communicate his message directly to the people and organizations who need it most.

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