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Today’s communication technology creates a unique situation for leaders, organizations, and brands — and brand-new challenges. FocusWise works directly with teams and brands to help them bring focus to their message and marketing strategy to reach today’s distracted customer, as well as individuals who seek one on one coaching.

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Team consultation

Creating a focuswise organizational culture

We work with teams to solve the particular challenges that come from a constantly-connected, always-accessible workforce. Our approach includes:


  • Communication Compact – set the ground rules for healthy team communication
  • Productivity Review – create boundaries that allow the team to be productive rather than reactive
  • Office Layout – maximize productive benefits by reorganizing the space your team uses
  • Presentation Skills – improve communication skills by practicing the fundamentals


Individual coaching

Developing a personal focuswise plan

Participants learn how to build strategic space into their tech-driven workdays. With the support of regular coaching sessions via one-on-one (or small group) calls, you will:


  1. Learn research-based strategies for better attention-management
  2. Set short- and long-term goals for increasing uninterrupted strategic-thinking at work
  3. Draft a Communications Compact to present to your team


Brand strategy

Becoming a focuswise brand

More than likely, you are not struggling with finding things to say to your customer or potential customer. But if you are anything like most businesses, you are struggling with communicating with them. What is needed in our age is the ability to listen to what is being said beyond the noise. The best thing you can do for your customer is bring focus to your brand. We can help.

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